Does anyone else ever just think about Arobynn Hamel and what he did and just go into a blind rage and everything turns red and you suddenly completely understand the fury that lets Celaena peel people’s skin off without feeling any guilt or is that just me?

Please guys can we stop fancasting Sorscha as a white girl,
I’m sure Sorscha is canonically a PoC, though I can’t tell you of which ethnicity, because she is described as having golden skin and looks as though she has ancestors from Eyllwe.
Unlike Nehemia, who everyone has been good with and not used any white actresses to fancast, I’ve been recently seeing white Sorscha’s.

Why couldn’t SJ Maas just be explicit in the ethnicity/race of her characters?? Why couldn’t all authors be straightforward about their characters, and not describe ambiguously, letting us know the character is not white, but giving us no indication of what they are exactly??

tog headcanons. go.

throneofglasss answered:


•little chaol having freckles and hating them, but little celaena secretly thinking    that they were cute

•celaena burning a chocolate cake she tried to make but still eating all of it just to make a point to sam who was laughing the entire time she was baking and telling her that she was going to burn it

•sam and celaena would start snuggling but then they would start wrestling but somehow would always end up snuggling each other and telling the other how they would beat them next time they fought

•dorian getting super hyped up on caffeine and talking sorcha’s ear off until she would kiss his lips to get him to stop blabbering about the book he just finished

•rowan and celaena telling each other their funniest memories, so that they dont dwell on their bad memories

•celaena curling up her parent’s big bed and listening to her father tell stories of years past

•dorian staying up late in the palace greenhouse just to watch a butterfly emerge from it’s chrysalis

these almost made me start crying as i wrote them



A Court Of Thorns and Roses by sjmaas releases on May 5th. Make sure you’ve pre-ordered it. Check the UK & US tour datesHERE.

You can download the first four chapters on Kindle and iBooks.Pre-order from Amazon or The Book Depository (or from any bookseller you prefer).

See ISSUE #1 here (btw, this isn’t really weekly, haha)


aesthetics: sam cortland

“I love you. And from today onward, I want to never be separated from you. Where you go, I go. Even if that means going to Hell itself, wherever you are, that’s where I want to be. Forever.” 

  • Dorian giving Aelin a huge bag of candy on her birthday every year and Rowan being astounded at how much candy she can eat
  • Dorian trying to cook and not being good at it
  • AELIN trying to cook and accidentally burning the food
  • Rowan just doing all the cooking so everyone can actually eat
  • Rowan awkwardly walking in when Doraelin is getting steamy
  • Rowan scooping up Fleetfoot and taking her for a walk when Doraelin wants some alone time
  • Aelin getting annoyed when she can’t participate in Dorian/Rowan snowball fights so she just melts their snow
  • The three of them being in the outside cold and Aelin not sharing her warmth with the boys because they don’t let her have snowball fights with them
  • Rowan babysitting Doraelin’s kids
  • Rowan acting like an overprotective brother when Dorian tries to kiss Aelin (I almost typed when Dorian tries to KILL Aelin… oops)
  • Dorian and Aelin setting Rowan up with dates and waiting up until he gets home so they can ask him how it went
  • Dorian and Rowan being BFFs and Aelin being jealous when they bro-bonding because she’s used to having them both to herself
  • I need an entire book of Dorian-Aelin-Rowan living together

lol Chaol thinks Celaena is a virgin how cute of him


The world is not in your books and maps. It’s out there.

If only we can see these places…


Sam Cortland post

Who You Should Fight: Throne of Glass edition


Dorian: It’s up to you, really. Simply mention what happened to Sorscha to him. He’ll either be reduced to tears or snap your neck.

Chaol: Be my guest. He’ll put up a fight, but if you play dirty, you’ll beat him. He’s too honorable for his own good.

Sam Cortland: Do you enjoy kicking puppies?

Manon: She drinks blood for pleasure, has iron nails and teeth, and has a freaking wyvern on her side, so fight at your own risk. actually don’t even try

Rowan: Do you want to die? No? That’s what I thought, SO DON’T FIGHT HIM

Aedion: Go ahead. If you say anything about his childhood or what happened to his country, he’ll fall apart easily.

The King of Adarlan: Do not fight, he will use whatever tactics necessary to kill you, even if it means fighting dirty

Arobynn Hamel: He’ll probably kill you easily, but DO US ALL A FAVOR AND FIGHT HIM, PLEASE

Maeve: She’ll beat you, but at least you’ll have fought the Queen of the Bitches

pansycaketobias asked:

Sam & Celaena ☁

[Set somewhere between The Assassin and the Underworld and The Assassin and the Empire]

Celaena ducked under an awning and pressed herself against the building and as far away from the rain as possible. Sam, laughing, ran up behind her. But, he stayed out in the rain. He spun like a fool, his locks darkening with rainwater. “Get in here, idiot,” Celaena hissed.

Sam laughed harder, “No, you come out here.”

[[MORE]]She pulled away from the wall to put her hands on her hips. “This isn’t funny, Sam.”

He stopped spinning, “Not even a little bit?”

She rolled her eyes. She didn’t need to deal with this. Sticking close to the wall, Celaena began the trek back to their apartment. Out in the rain, Sam followed. Lightning cracked over head, almost startling Celaena into the wall. She grunted when Sam’s laughter started up again.

“Why are you enjoying this so much?” Celaena turned on him. She wrung out her hair, pressing her hands into the curling strands. She’d always hated when it curled. “My hair is ruined.”

“Good,” She spun on Sam, an insult at the tip of her tongue. He said, “Live a little, Sardothien.”

Memories of the last time she’d heard that phrase all flooded back, and she snapped, “I do live. All the time.” Celaena started walking again, her saunter more of a stomp than anything. “This is all your fault.”

Sam’s laugh hit a new octave. “My fault? If you hadn’t punched our bartender in the face, we wouldn’t be in this mess.” She glared at him, and he met her stare headlong.

A burst of thunder startled both of them into ending the starring contest. They turned a corner, and she could finally make out the light of their apartment up ahead. “At least I didn’t throw a table.”

“There were six men running at me! What was I supposed to do?”

Celaena huffed and looked away from him. He was insufferable. “You’re going to catch a cold out there. And then how’ll we complete contracts?”

“Says Adarlan’s Assassin as if she needs my measly help,” Sam sang back. There was a smirk on his lips.

Celaena rolled her eyes again. “Wait,” Sam called as she stepped around the corner. “Wait, Celaena!” She wasn’t listening. She could see the light up ahead and that was the only thing on her mind. There was a crack, but she assumed it was just lightning. And then she was wet.

She gasped and stilled. Sam snapped a hand over his mouth somewhere behind her to hide his obvious chuckles. She hissed, shaking her arms of the water dripping down her. The awning had snapped just above her and all the water pooling in the tarp soaked her.

“Celaena,” Sam’s voice was gentler behind her. “Are you-”

She threw her head back and stared up at the night sky. Although there were dark clouds coating the horizon, if she squinted, she could just make out the stars that made up the Lord of the North. She allowed a small smile to slide onto her lips. Celaena hummed, then spun back and tapped Sam on the shoulder.

With a burst of speed, she took off, screaming, “Race ya!”

Sam laughed and she could hear his shoes hitting the pavement as he followed her. Laughing, Celaena turned the final corner before they reached their building. Live a little, Sardothien, Ansel had said. Somewhere out there, maybe Ansel had been right.

Celaena grinned and sped up.

Heir of Fire moments
  • Me:I’m ok . Nothing can hurt me now
  • * Sam nominated*
  • Me:Oh Oh..

I love how even though Maas herself has confirmed that he is in fact dead, everyone in this fandom still believes Sam’s alive and will come back at some point.

Maybe if we believe hard enough and have enough faith, it’ll actually happen?

Before skulls bay, Sam and Celaena had a love hate relationship

I could be done with The Assassin’s Blade by now, but my heart refuses to finish The Assassin and the Empire because it knows what’s to come. I just love Sam so much. He doesn’t deserve what’s going to happen to him. And poor Celaena. I don’t think I can stand to watch her go through more pain.

If we live through this, Celaena,” Sam said, heading toward the side street that led to the docks, “remind me to teach you how to play cards properly.


anonymous asked:

Do you think Sam Cortland is alive?

Aedion x Chaol on Tumbrl


This is for thegoldenttrio, who I had a lovely long conversation with last night about just how gay Aedion Ashryver is for Chaol. Enjoy.

Celaena had been nagging at Chaol about pulling his hair back from his eyes for the past fifteen minutes, and it was starting to grate.

“We’re trying to save the world,” he reminded her.

“Can’t do that with hair all over your face,” she shot back. “Just – tuck it behind your ear, or something!”

Sighing, Chaol leaned back from the maps of Adarlan and pulled his hand over his scalp, trying to push it all over to the side. Wow. Celaena was right – it had gotten kind of long. Maybe he should –

It was then that he noticed Aedion had stopped talking about battle plans and was staring at him.

“What?” Chaol said.

Aedion continued glaring in stony silence, eyes falling from his hand (which was hovering, frozen, above his head), to his hair, to his face.

“Aedion, what is it?” Chaol asked, beginning to feel equal parts bewildered and annoyed.

“Fucking hair.”

Chaol blinked, seeing Dorian smother a smile behind his hand out of the corner of his eye. “I beg your pardon?”

Aedion raised his eyes to the heavens, swore under his breath once more, then returned to talking about battle charges like nothing had happened.

So remember in Heir of Fire when Aedion and Chaol are talking and Aedion’s like “yeah there’s no way Aelin’s going to see the battlefield” and Chaol thinks to himself “haha I can’t wait to see that argument”???

Well I have this AU where Aelin is back and they’ve gathered all the loyal nobles from Terrasen and they’re in a war council and they’re planning and Aelin’s just like “yeah I’ll lead the charge on the left flank” or something like that and then Aedion’s like “oh hell no” and Aelin’s like “oh hell yes” and then they argue like that for a while but no one seems to be winning and eventually Aedion says “I’ll fight you for it. You choose the weapons and whoever wins decides where you’ll be during the battle.” And Aelin thinks for a minute and then smirks faintly and just says “no.” And Aedion’s just like “haha you’re scared you can’t beat me” and then Aelin says “no, Aedion, I could whoop your ass in a fight but I’m the Queen and what I say goes. You can sit out of this battle in my place if you want, though.” And then Aelin shuts his mouth and everybody else in the room is thinking “Aelin’s awesome we have the coolest queen in Erilea.” And Chaol’s just like “I knew this argument was going to be entertaining but that was way better than I thought.” And Rowan’s smirking and thinking to himself “that’s my girl.” And then Aelin leads the charge on the left flank and totally kicks ass and Aedion’s like “damn Aelin’s such a badass.”

So yeah.


I swear to god, thegoldenttrio, I should be writing my actual work but instead I’m just churning out Chaolaedion. Damn it.

Chaol lay in the dark, staring up at the ceiling, and regretting almost everything that had happened to lead to this situation.
It had been a relatively normal night so far, with Aedion going to sleep almost an hour earlier than him with a small (and admittedly endearing) snuffle and a soft shifting of his legs. But now? Now was when the problem started.
Still nothing.
There was a small groan and a croaked, “what?”
“Move. You’re taking up too much space.”
Aedion’s face emerged from the pillow, blinking sleepily. Yet still, he managed to look incredulous. “I beg your pardon?”
Chaol gestured at the mattress, where he was just half an inch from the edge and Aedion took up the majority of the space. “I’m hanging off the edge here. Please move.”
Aedion didn’t do anything but glare for a couple of seconds, then made a grumbling noise. Chaol yelped, finding his back suddenly squashed against Aedion’s chest.
“Shut up and go to sleep,” Aedion mumbled into Chaol’s hair.
Chaol tried to break free, but Aedion said immediately, “don’t wiggle, or it will be awkward for the both of us.”
Celaena found them in a position she called ‘spooning’ the next morning. Fleetfoot eventually jumped on the bed and woke them up, but not before she had called Dorian to have a look and apparently agreed with him that they would both refer to Chaol and Aedion as nothing but “little spoon” and “big spoon” for the rest of the day.


Chaol gets fussy about Aedion’s hair. Bickering ensues. Dorian and Celaena hang around just because it’s funny.( thegoldenttrio​ more fluff because I’m weak)

It began one afternoon while scouring family trees in the library with Dorian.

Aedion’s hair was falling over his face in a soft curtain, swinging rhythmically with every breath. The golden strands would edge into the side of Chaol’s vision, back and forth, back and forth, until eventually his self-control slipped.

“Tie your hair back,” he said quietly.

“I’m sorry?”

“Your hair,” said Chaol, “it’s distracting. Tie it back.”

Aedion stared at him for a long moments, then slowly and deliberately moved his head sideways, dragging the ends of his hair across the pages of the book. “No.”

Chaol stubbornly ignored Dorian’s silent distracting, eh?


It turned into an ongoing argument after that. It graduated from terse requests to tie it back, to throwing at him lengths of cord to use as hair ties, to literally grabbing his head and pulling it back every time he walked into the room. Every time Chaol tied it, it would take Aedion only a couple of seconds to shake it loose.

Celaena and Dorian watched them bicker with profound amusement, she attempting to maintain a straight face and Dorian going bright pink from trying not to laugh aloud. Chaol was fairly sure Aedion was playing deadpan to make his cousin laugh.

After several weeks of constant battle, Chaol decided to end it. He issued an ultimatum – either Aedion cut his hair, or Chaol would get Fleetfoot (who was now nearing the weight of a small horse) to sit on him and do it himself.

Aedion came to Chaol’s bedchambers soon enough, with an apology and an immaculate braid courtesy of his cousin.


I haven’t written anything for a couple of days and thought hey, why not? (Forthegoldenttrio)

It took only several seconds for Celaena to notice.
“Why is your tunic so big?”
Chaol felt his face heat up, self-consciously brushing a hand over said tunic. It was definitely a little big, the collar revealing too much undershirt and one shoulder almost slipping off. The belt he’d cinched it in with was doing as much as it could – which wasn’t a lot.
Dorian looked up at the question, and joined the assassin in scrutinizing him. “Have you been eating properly?” the prince said after a moment.
“Yes,” Chaol grumbled.
Dorian’s eyes scrunched up and he tilted his head to the side in a manner reminiscent of Fleetfoot. Celaena copied him without realizing it.
Chaol shifted under their gaze, snapping when they both began to twist their heads in the other direction.
“It’s just a big tunic!” he said sharply.
They both raised their hands in gestures of surrender, Celaena giving an exaggerated shrug.
The rest of the day passed relatively normally, although occasionally Chaol would turn and catch one – or sometimes both – of his friends eyeing the tunic thoughtfully. The mystery (for them, at least) was solved when Aedion strode in around dinner time from a day spent hunting, immediately spotted Chaol, and said unnecessarily loudly, “you should wear my clothes more often.”
Celaena snorted into her drink.
Dorian fell off his chair.


I wrote this mostly just for thegoldenttrio‘s reaction…….you’re welcome.

“Where’s Aedion?”

For some reason, Chaol felt like he was both invisible and drowning at the same time. Everyone was rushing around him, swerving like he was a cold spot – or like they were a hurricane and he was the eye of the storm. A tight feeling had settled in his chest, as if he was underwater and running out of air.

“Where’s Aedion?” he repeated, louder. He could see Dorian and Celaena tending to one another’s wounds a little way off, thankfully not seriously injured – split lips and bruises and Dorian was limping slightly, but nothing life-threatening.

Aedion, however, had disappeared during the fight and had not been seen since. Panic was beginning to set in.

“Where’s Aedion?” he said once more, silently begging someone, anyone, to take notice.


Chaol whipped round, internally thanking the gods. A tall, imposing young woman with long, pale hair, a red cloak, and intimidating eyes was standing there, looking at him intently, wiping scarlet blood on her cloak off the end of –

Chaol blinked, swallowing dryly. Iron nails. An ironteeth witch.

“I,” he began, coughed, swallowed again, and said, “yes. Aedion Ashryver – do you know where he is?”

The witch jerked her chin in Celaena and Dorian’s direction. “Her cousin?”


“I saw him getting carried off,” she said, and Chaol felt like his stomach had just dropped out of his feet. “Wound in the side. Looked deep. Bad, but I don’t think it will be fatal.”

Chaol croaked, “where?”

She tilted her head to the right. “Third sickroom on the left.”

Chaol made a mental note to thank her later, and ran.

The room stank of copper and sweat and a horrible rotten smell that reminded him of vomit was coming from the corner, but Chaol only had eyes for the body on the bed. The massive Ashryver was sprawled on the thin mattress, a light sheen of perspiration covering his skin, armour off and shirt ripped at the side. A bloody bandage formed a lump against Aedion’s side, and his hair was swirling in slender golden threads across the folded tunic acting as a pillow.

Chaol kneeled by the side of the bed and touched Aedion’s forehead hesitantly. “Aedion?”

There was a tense moment when nothing happened, then his eyelids peeled themselves apart and he groaned quietly. “Chaol?”

Chaol felt a lump rise in his throat as his hand moved in a comforting movement , Aedion leaning deliriously into the touch. He’d never seen the Wolf of the North look so vulnerable before. This was Aedion in an almost childlike state, something completely unfamiliar to both Chaol and, he suspected, almost everyone Aedion knew. “Shhh. Don’t strain yourself.”

Aedion made an unintelligible murmur, eyes half-open, and reached an arm up. He took Chaol’s hand – gently, so gently, had Aedion ever handled anything without his signature brute strength, was this the first time in years? – and held it.

“I told you to be careful,” Chaol whispered, unable to help himself. “Now look at you.”

Aedion finally managed to focus his eyes, and if he’d had the strength to roll them, Chaol suspected he would have. He twined their fingers together. “Shut up and hold my hand, captain.”


Because thegoldenttrio made me do it.

Chaol was wondering, yet again, why he had agreed to marry Aedion Ashryver.

It happened in under three seconds, and it took him another two seconds to register it – Aedion shaking the hand of a very important army general from Eyllwe, saying, “hello. I’m Chaol Westfall’s husband, Aedion.”

It had obviously taken both Dorian and Celaena shorter amounts of time to gather what had happened, as there was a sudden duet of snorting and Chaol knew that if he turned around he’d see the both of them with their arms wrapped around their midriffs, blue in the face from trying not to laugh.

Chaol could feel the blush rising on his neck, so he tapped Aedion on the elbow and hissed, “that’s really not necessary”, all the while acutely aware of the general’s amused expression.

Aedion raised an eyebrow at his husband, and offered his hand again to the general. “I must apologize,” he said smoothly, without missing a beat. “I am the captain of the guard’s husband, Aedion.”

Chaol flashed an obscene gesture behind his back at Dorian and Celaena.

La Rosa di Spine. Fanfiction on Wattpad and FanFiction.net




Divise in quattro regni le Terre Del Sangue sono governate da essere magici, magnifici e sanguinari. Da secoli le tre terre dominanti convivono in pace mantenendo sempre una reciproca distanza. Ma tutto cambia quando la Creatura delle Terre Esiliate si risveglia e trama per distruggere questo precario equilibrio.

Costrette a collaborare i Tre signori delle terre del Sangue dovranno collaborare per fermare questa imminente minaccia.

Ma tra Fallen la Cacciatrice della Landa Ghiacciata e Tamlin il Signore della Corte delle Rose comincia a nascere qualcosa e…

Questa storia presenta diversi elementi espirati alla serie a Court of thorns and Roses di sarah j Maas quindi per gli amanti di Throne of glass è davvero consigliata!

La mia bacheca Pinterest


Sam Cortland ‘s post

the-secret-life-of-mee asked:

Would you rather meet any celebrity that you want or meet any fictional character you want

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The best Throne of Glass with Sam.

Shatterd Barriers and shatterd hearths

By: horsegirl275


Set between Celaena Sardothien and Sam Cortland, about how he won her heart. Completely different from the novellas. She walks in shadows. Shadows are her comfort. The dark is her friend. Her only friend. And she had never wanted that to change. So she put up barriers to protect herself. But then he came along, and shattered them all.

The Assassin and the Glass Palace

By: StabiloHB

A story set before The Assassin and the Pirate Lord. Celaena is hired to kill and frame a courtier named Lithaen, but there’s more to Lithaen and the people around her than Celaena first assumes. With various Throne of Glass characters.
The First Date


By: c-westfal

The first Sam and Celaena’s date
Celaena and Sam


By: Slytigress

Celaena is an assassin, that is, an assassin with a lover. She knows her heart is destined for Sam, and Sam’s destined for hers, but will Arobynn permit this? Or will his jealous heart strike fury on the couple? RH Please…
Hold On


By: fiath

What if Sam never died? Sam Courtland has been held prisoner in the dungeons of the Assassins Guild for over a year but one day when there has been reported sightings of Celaena, he escapes and sneaks into the competition to become the King’s Champion to see Celaena. Though, with Abroynn and all the assassins after him, will he survive?
Queen of the Underworld


By: Aelin Ashryver Galathynius

The five novellas really bothered me, because they didn’t tell much of what happened before The Assassin and the Pirate Lord, so this is about Celaena’s life leading up to the first novella. {I’ll do my best to update, but sometimes I get far too busy… e.e}
Broken Chords
By: Grace157

Her world was no longer silent, but filled with song. She hummed as she threw daggers, tapped out rhythms on the pommel of her sword. But for Celaena, happiness never lasted for long. (Runner up for the Heir of Fire Writing Competition 2014)
I’ll kill you if you get too close


By: hazelnight

Celaena was realizing what it was like to be this close to a boy. An attractive boy. A boy that smelled amazing , a mix of sweat and sun and dust and something uniquely Sam. She inhaled that smell as he pinned her down playfully. Her eyes flickered to his lips. They looked so soft, so – “Sam, are you going to move, or am I going to have to shove you off?”

Throne of Glass (fan fiction):Sam returns

1 Part Story 118 Reads 6 Votes
aspiringwriter09By aspiringwriter09Updated 18 days ago
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Celaena Sardothien goes back to Rifthold to retrieve the first Wyrdkey from her former leader, Arobynn Hamel. When she is there she remembers old memories, good and bad. But these memories came back to haunt her, and she doesn't  know if she can handle it. She even gets more confused  when she sees her former lover, Sam Cortland. Whom she thought was dead.

The Ardalarn’s Assassins

7 Part Story 78 Reads 0 Votes
IlreleonewikiBy IlreleonewikiUpdated 17 hours ago
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part One
The Assassin and the castle of glass
Rifthold, Erilea.
;Celaena Sardothien is finally. back from her disastrous summer in the desert Red, but not all scars were healed.Can not trust most of those who first believed his family and decides to get close to the only person he never imagined.Arrimi from becoming enemies much more.But when he believes that the waters had calmed the King of Ardalarn, a masochistic power-hungry from a dance in his castle of Crystal. He knows that the rebels are coming closer and wants them out of the way and hires two of them to kill them.

Chaol Westfall Captain Guardsman is taut as a violin string. The dance has begun and to make matters worse must protect the only person he would not want to hear the name. But when you think it can not get any worse three ministers arrived from Ellewye are murdered before his eyes.

A Throne of Glass Fan Fiction: L’assassina e il castello di ghiaccio ( The assassin and the castell of glass) by Ilreleone on Wattpad

name: Gli assassini di Adarlan
lenguage: Italian
Characters:Celaena Sardothien, Sam Cortland , Dorian Havilliard, Chaol Westfall, Lithaen, Ronald Haviliard , Aedion Ashryver , Arobynn Hamel , Rourke Farnan , Lysandra , Archer Finn, Madame Clarisse , Sorscha.
Couples: Celaena x Sam, Dorian x Sorscha, Lithaen x Chaol , Lithaen x Ronald , Lysandra x Aedion
link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/34254106-gli-assassini-di-adarlan
where: on Wattpad

Part 1

The assassin and the cstle of glass

Returned from her misadventure in the red desert Celaena Sardothien is determined to leave Rifthod and Guild and run away.

Her mentor however, has another card to play you will not let go of her so easily protected.

In the castle an unexpected guest is determined to recover what belongs

Sneak Peeks












Throne of Glass Spinn-Off x Sam Cortland


Italian version:http://www.wattpad.com/story/25173408-il-trono-di-ghiaccio-spin-off-x-sam-cortland

Englesh version :http://www.wattpad.com/story/25270093-the-throne-of-glass-spinn-off-x-sam-cortland

Spanish version : http://www.wattpad.com/story/25270285-el-trono-de-cristal-spinn-off-x-sam-cortland

Have you read the throne of glass? The Maas broke your heart too? Tell the truth!
It’s been weeks now but if you still feel his name and the word “The assassin and Empire Chapter 10” burst into tears and shakes his chest right?
If it is not then go read them now.
If it is (that is, as half the world) then you will worship me and my super fan.
Why the world will never forget Sam Cortland.
Word Dordine this accanitissimo fans is:
My name is Sam Cortland and not be afraid.
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