A few minutes ago i see this video on youtube it was like see what I fink about my self on my all childhood.
I want to share it with you.

A few minutes ago i see this video on youtube and is like someone have punch me in my stomach.
I see in this awesome  video my childhood life .
Afther see it a left a comment that i want to share with you.
(sorry x my grammatical errors 😬) 

Omg you are breaking my heart. Is like you are enter in my head and i listen what i think for my all life. I don’t know if i’m beutiful.
I don’t know if i’m realy beutiful, because i can’t say it, and i will can never say it. Because is objective . Maybe one say that i’m actrattive, and the other say that i’m not. But i don’t care anymore. I’m 15 and i can be myself even without be a top model. I don’t care if i don’t like at the other person, i like me like independent begin. And is andsome feel in this way.
Our society was so superficial about the women.
Many girls are influenced by the family and the friends.
I want just say that in 2016 every woman should wear and make up when and how she like. If i like the black or the pink is ok.
If you like the skinny jeans and you the whole sweater is ok.
If a girl likes the heeled shoes instead the sneakers don’t means that she’s a slut.
If i like mascara and you not , not problem is ok.
We are free people in a free word and i can decide my kind of beauty with my own.
I don’t care about the boys , if they don’t like me is their problem.
We are much better of this. ”