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I feel like Sam isn’t really dead…I dont know, maybe it’s wishful thinking but maybe Arobynn saved him and made Celaena think he was dead so she would kill Jayne, get caught, etc….I want Sam to be alive BUT CHAOL!!!


Heir of Fire – Sam Cortland

“I can see very well what happened, and know exactly how it’s done,” she said, stomach
tightening. Not at the injury, but—Sam. Sam had been strapped to a table, cut open and broken
by one of the most sadistic killers she’d ever known.
“Was it you,” Rowan said quietly, but not gently, “or someone ​ else?”
“I was too late. He didn’t survive.” Again silence fell, and she cursed herself for a fool for
telling him. But then she said hoarsely, “Thank you for saving me.”

The other half of the room was occupied by an
oak dining table capable of seating eight, its place settings still laid out: plates of porcelain and
silver, flatware that had long since gone dull. It was the only evidence that this apartment had
been untouched since whoever—​ Arobynn Hamel, probably—​ had ordered the place sealed up.
Arobynn Hamel, the King of the Assassins. Chaol gritted his teeth as he finished stuffing the
last of the white sheets into the hallway closet. He’d been thinking a good deal about Celaena’s
old master in the past few days. Arobynn was smart enough to have put things together when
he found a washed-up orphan right after the Princess of Terrasen went missing, her body
vanished into the half-​ frozen Florine River.
If Arobynn had known, and done those things to her . . . The scar on Celaena’s wrist flashed
before him. He’d made her break her own hand. There must have been countless other
brutalities that Celaena didn’t even tell him about. And the worst of them, the absolute worst . .
He’d never asked Celaena why, when she was appointed Champion, her first priority wasn’t
hunting down her master and cutting him into pieces for what he’d done to her lover, SamCortland. Arobynn had ordered Sam tortured and killed, and then devised a trap for Celaena
that got her hauled off to Endovier. Arobynn must have expected to retrieve her someday, if
he’d left this apartment untouched. He must have wanted to let her rot in Endovier—until he
decided to free her and she crawled back to him, his eternally loyal servant.

“Like a good soldier,” he said. She had to look away for a moment to keep from letting him
see just what that meant to her. He took a long breath that made his broad chest expand. “Tell
me how you ​ were sent there—​ and how you got out.”
She was tired in her bones, but she rallied her energy one last time and told him of the years
in Rifthold, of stealing Asterion horses and racing across the desert, of dancing until dawn with
courtesans and thieves and all the beautiful, wicked creatures in the world. And then she told
him about losing Sam,

Maybe she had been a fool to love a man who served the king,
but Chaol had been what she needed after losing Sam, after surviving the mines.

Nehemia was whole, beautiful and untouched, her eyes full of damning hatred. And then from
behind her emerged Sam, handsome and tall. His death had been so similar to Nehemia’s, and
yet so much worse, drawn out over hours. She had not saved him, either. When she beheld the
iron-tipped whip in his hands, when he stepped past Nehemia and let the whip unfurl onto the
rocky earth, Celaena let out a low, quiet laugh.She welcomed the pain with open arms as he took a deep breath, clothes shifting with the
movement as he snapped the whip. The iron tip—oh gods, it ripped her clean open, knocked
her legs out from underneath her.
“Again,” Celaena told him, the word little more than a rasp. “Again.”
Sam obeyed. There was only the thud of leather on wet flesh as Sam and Nehemia took
turns, and a line of people formed behind them, waiting for what they deserved as payment for
what she had failed to do.

There was a scrape and crunch of shoes, then a small, smooth hand slid toward her. But it
was not Chaol or Sam or Nehemia who lay across from her, watching her with those sad
turquoise eyes.

“Get up,” someone said beyond the young princess. Sam. Sam, standing just beyond where
she could see, smiling faintly.

Three lines of text scrolled
over her three largest scars, the story of her love and loss now written on her: one line for her
parents and uncle; one line for Lady Marion; and one line for her court and her people.
On the smaller, shorter scars, ​ were the stories of Nehemia and of Sam. Her beloved dead.
No longer would they be locked away in her heart. No longer would she be ashamed.

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Heir of Fire
Title: Heir of Fire (Throne of Glass #3)
User: Ilrelonewikia
Author: Sarah J Maas
Chapter: 69
Linguage: Englesh
Status: Complete
Main Ch: Celaena Sardothien/Aelin, Chaol WestFall, Dorian Harviliard, Sorscha, Rowan Whitethorn, Manon Blackbeak, King of Ardalarn,Queen Meave.
Nominated: Sam Cortland, Princess Nemiah, Arobynn Hammel, Celaena’s parents, Lady Marion.
Aviabile on: Wattpad

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A Throne of Glass Fan Fiction: L’assassina e il castello di ghiaccio ( The assassin and the castell of glass) by Ilreleone on Wattpad

name: Gli assassini di Adarlan
lenguage: Italian
Characters:Celaena Sardothien, Sam Cortland , Dorian Havilliard, Chaol Westfall, Lithaen, Ronald Haviliard , Aedion Ashryver , Arobynn Hamel , Rourke Farnan , Lysandra , Archer Finn, Madame Clarisse , Sorscha.
Couples: Celaena x Sam, Dorian x Sorscha, Lithaen x Chaol , Lithaen x Ronald , Lysandra x Aedion
where: on Wattpad

Part 1

The assassin and the cstle of glass

Returned from her misadventure in the red desert Celaena Sardothien is determined to leave Rifthod and Guild and run away.

Her mentor however, has another card to play you will not let go of her so easily protected.

In the castle an unexpected guest is determined to recover what belongs

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Throne of Glass Spinn-Off x Sam Cortland


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Why the world will never forget Sam Cortland.
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