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This is for thegoldenttrio, who I had a lovely long conversation with last night about just how gay Aedion Ashryver is for Chaol. Enjoy.

Celaena had been nagging at Chaol about pulling his hair back from his eyes for the past fifteen minutes, and it was starting to grate.

“We’re trying to save the world,” he reminded her.

“Can’t do that with hair all over your face,” she shot back. “Just – tuck it behind your ear, or something!”

Sighing, Chaol leaned back from the maps of Adarlan and pulled his hand over his scalp, trying to push it all over to the side. Wow. Celaena was right – it had gotten kind of long. Maybe he should –

It was then that he noticed Aedion had stopped talking about battle plans and was staring at him.

“What?” Chaol said.

Aedion continued glaring in stony silence, eyes falling from his hand (which was hovering, frozen, above his head), to his hair, to his face.

“Aedion, what is it?” Chaol asked, beginning to feel equal parts bewildered and annoyed.

“Fucking hair.”

Chaol blinked, seeing Dorian smother a smile behind his hand out of the corner of his eye. “I beg your pardon?”

Aedion raised his eyes to the heavens, swore under his breath once more, then returned to talking about battle charges like nothing had happened.

So remember in Heir of Fire when Aedion and Chaol are talking and Aedion’s like “yeah there’s no way Aelin’s going to see the battlefield” and Chaol thinks to himself “haha I can’t wait to see that argument”???

Well I have this AU where Aelin is back and they’ve gathered all the loyal nobles from Terrasen and they’re in a war council and they’re planning and Aelin’s just like “yeah I’ll lead the charge on the left flank” or something like that and then Aedion’s like “oh hell no” and Aelin’s like “oh hell yes” and then they argue like that for a while but no one seems to be winning and eventually Aedion says “I’ll fight you for it. You choose the weapons and whoever wins decides where you’ll be during the battle.” And Aelin thinks for a minute and then smirks faintly and just says “no.” And Aedion’s just like “haha you’re scared you can’t beat me” and then Aelin says “no, Aedion, I could whoop your ass in a fight but I’m the Queen and what I say goes. You can sit out of this battle in my place if you want, though.” And then Aelin shuts his mouth and everybody else in the room is thinking “Aelin’s awesome we have the coolest queen in Erilea.” And Chaol’s just like “I knew this argument was going to be entertaining but that was way better than I thought.” And Rowan’s smirking and thinking to himself “that’s my girl.” And then Aelin leads the charge on the left flank and totally kicks ass and Aedion’s like “damn Aelin’s such a badass.”

So yeah.


I swear to god, thegoldenttrio, I should be writing my actual work but instead I’m just churning out Chaolaedion. Damn it.

Chaol lay in the dark, staring up at the ceiling, and regretting almost everything that had happened to lead to this situation.
It had been a relatively normal night so far, with Aedion going to sleep almost an hour earlier than him with a small (and admittedly endearing) snuffle and a soft shifting of his legs. But now? Now was when the problem started.
Still nothing.
There was a small groan and a croaked, “what?”
“Move. You’re taking up too much space.”
Aedion’s face emerged from the pillow, blinking sleepily. Yet still, he managed to look incredulous. “I beg your pardon?”
Chaol gestured at the mattress, where he was just half an inch from the edge and Aedion took up the majority of the space. “I’m hanging off the edge here. Please move.”
Aedion didn’t do anything but glare for a couple of seconds, then made a grumbling noise. Chaol yelped, finding his back suddenly squashed against Aedion’s chest.
“Shut up and go to sleep,” Aedion mumbled into Chaol’s hair.
Chaol tried to break free, but Aedion said immediately, “don’t wiggle, or it will be awkward for the both of us.”
Celaena found them in a position she called ‘spooning’ the next morning. Fleetfoot eventually jumped on the bed and woke them up, but not before she had called Dorian to have a look and apparently agreed with him that they would both refer to Chaol and Aedion as nothing but “little spoon” and “big spoon” for the rest of the day.


Chaol gets fussy about Aedion’s hair. Bickering ensues. Dorian and Celaena hang around just because it’s funny.( thegoldenttrio​ more fluff because I’m weak)

It began one afternoon while scouring family trees in the library with Dorian.

Aedion’s hair was falling over his face in a soft curtain, swinging rhythmically with every breath. The golden strands would edge into the side of Chaol’s vision, back and forth, back and forth, until eventually his self-control slipped.

“Tie your hair back,” he said quietly.

“I’m sorry?”

“Your hair,” said Chaol, “it’s distracting. Tie it back.”

Aedion stared at him for a long moments, then slowly and deliberately moved his head sideways, dragging the ends of his hair across the pages of the book. “No.”

Chaol stubbornly ignored Dorian’s silent distracting, eh?


It turned into an ongoing argument after that. It graduated from terse requests to tie it back, to throwing at him lengths of cord to use as hair ties, to literally grabbing his head and pulling it back every time he walked into the room. Every time Chaol tied it, it would take Aedion only a couple of seconds to shake it loose.

Celaena and Dorian watched them bicker with profound amusement, she attempting to maintain a straight face and Dorian going bright pink from trying not to laugh aloud. Chaol was fairly sure Aedion was playing deadpan to make his cousin laugh.

After several weeks of constant battle, Chaol decided to end it. He issued an ultimatum – either Aedion cut his hair, or Chaol would get Fleetfoot (who was now nearing the weight of a small horse) to sit on him and do it himself.

Aedion came to Chaol’s bedchambers soon enough, with an apology and an immaculate braid courtesy of his cousin.


I haven’t written anything for a couple of days and thought hey, why not? (Forthegoldenttrio)

It took only several seconds for Celaena to notice.
“Why is your tunic so big?”
Chaol felt his face heat up, self-consciously brushing a hand over said tunic. It was definitely a little big, the collar revealing too much undershirt and one shoulder almost slipping off. The belt he’d cinched it in with was doing as much as it could – which wasn’t a lot.
Dorian looked up at the question, and joined the assassin in scrutinizing him. “Have you been eating properly?” the prince said after a moment.
“Yes,” Chaol grumbled.
Dorian’s eyes scrunched up and he tilted his head to the side in a manner reminiscent of Fleetfoot. Celaena copied him without realizing it.
Chaol shifted under their gaze, snapping when they both began to twist their heads in the other direction.
“It’s just a big tunic!” he said sharply.
They both raised their hands in gestures of surrender, Celaena giving an exaggerated shrug.
The rest of the day passed relatively normally, although occasionally Chaol would turn and catch one – or sometimes both – of his friends eyeing the tunic thoughtfully. The mystery (for them, at least) was solved when Aedion strode in around dinner time from a day spent hunting, immediately spotted Chaol, and said unnecessarily loudly, “you should wear my clothes more often.”
Celaena snorted into her drink.
Dorian fell off his chair.


I wrote this mostly just for thegoldenttrio‘s reaction…….you’re welcome.

“Where’s Aedion?”

For some reason, Chaol felt like he was both invisible and drowning at the same time. Everyone was rushing around him, swerving like he was a cold spot – or like they were a hurricane and he was the eye of the storm. A tight feeling had settled in his chest, as if he was underwater and running out of air.

“Where’s Aedion?” he repeated, louder. He could see Dorian and Celaena tending to one another’s wounds a little way off, thankfully not seriously injured – split lips and bruises and Dorian was limping slightly, but nothing life-threatening.

Aedion, however, had disappeared during the fight and had not been seen since. Panic was beginning to set in.

“Where’s Aedion?” he said once more, silently begging someone, anyone, to take notice.


Chaol whipped round, internally thanking the gods. A tall, imposing young woman with long, pale hair, a red cloak, and intimidating eyes was standing there, looking at him intently, wiping scarlet blood on her cloak off the end of –

Chaol blinked, swallowing dryly. Iron nails. An ironteeth witch.

“I,” he began, coughed, swallowed again, and said, “yes. Aedion Ashryver – do you know where he is?”

The witch jerked her chin in Celaena and Dorian’s direction. “Her cousin?”


“I saw him getting carried off,” she said, and Chaol felt like his stomach had just dropped out of his feet. “Wound in the side. Looked deep. Bad, but I don’t think it will be fatal.”

Chaol croaked, “where?”

She tilted her head to the right. “Third sickroom on the left.”

Chaol made a mental note to thank her later, and ran.

The room stank of copper and sweat and a horrible rotten smell that reminded him of vomit was coming from the corner, but Chaol only had eyes for the body on the bed. The massive Ashryver was sprawled on the thin mattress, a light sheen of perspiration covering his skin, armour off and shirt ripped at the side. A bloody bandage formed a lump against Aedion’s side, and his hair was swirling in slender golden threads across the folded tunic acting as a pillow.

Chaol kneeled by the side of the bed and touched Aedion’s forehead hesitantly. “Aedion?”

There was a tense moment when nothing happened, then his eyelids peeled themselves apart and he groaned quietly. “Chaol?”

Chaol felt a lump rise in his throat as his hand moved in a comforting movement , Aedion leaning deliriously into the touch. He’d never seen the Wolf of the North look so vulnerable before. This was Aedion in an almost childlike state, something completely unfamiliar to both Chaol and, he suspected, almost everyone Aedion knew. “Shhh. Don’t strain yourself.”

Aedion made an unintelligible murmur, eyes half-open, and reached an arm up. He took Chaol’s hand – gently, so gently, had Aedion ever handled anything without his signature brute strength, was this the first time in years? – and held it.

“I told you to be careful,” Chaol whispered, unable to help himself. “Now look at you.”

Aedion finally managed to focus his eyes, and if he’d had the strength to roll them, Chaol suspected he would have. He twined their fingers together. “Shut up and hold my hand, captain.”


Because thegoldenttrio made me do it.

Chaol was wondering, yet again, why he had agreed to marry Aedion Ashryver.

It happened in under three seconds, and it took him another two seconds to register it – Aedion shaking the hand of a very important army general from Eyllwe, saying, “hello. I’m Chaol Westfall’s husband, Aedion.”

It had obviously taken both Dorian and Celaena shorter amounts of time to gather what had happened, as there was a sudden duet of snorting and Chaol knew that if he turned around he’d see the both of them with their arms wrapped around their midriffs, blue in the face from trying not to laugh.

Chaol could feel the blush rising on his neck, so he tapped Aedion on the elbow and hissed, “that’s really not necessary”, all the while acutely aware of the general’s amused expression.

Aedion raised an eyebrow at his husband, and offered his hand again to the general. “I must apologize,” he said smoothly, without missing a beat. “I am the captain of the guard’s husband, Aedion.”

Chaol flashed an obscene gesture behind his back at Dorian and Celaena.


The world of Tumblr….

  • Fandom:hoe don’t do it
  • Chaol:*tells Aedion about Aelin*
  • Fandom:oh my god

I feel like Sam isn’t really dead…I dont know, maybe it’s wishful thinking but maybe Arobynn saved him and made Celaena think he was dead so she would kill Jayne, get caught, etc….I want Sam to be alive BUT CHAOL!!!

Sam..o my Sam if you were not there I do not know how I would do!

Songs that remind me of the Throne of Glass series:

-The Assassin’s Blade: Blackout by Linkin Park

Throne of Glass: In The End by Black Veil Brides

-Crown of Midnight: Guilty All The Same by Linkin Park

Heir of Fire: Until It’s Gone by Linkin Park

The series in general: Everybody Wants to Rule The World by Lorde
Yellow Flicker Beat by Lorde
Broken Arrow by The Script

re-reading the Assassin’s Blade is like

And just now I finished re-reading The Assassin of the Underworld and I am like

and it’s not because it’s sad well, maybe a bit, but because I KNOW

I think the throne of glass series will be the death of me.

I should not have gone through the Sam Cortland tag, because now I’m crying over how Sam died again.

It was the most painful thing I have ever read.

Sam Cortland i crying for you..

  • me:*Thinks of Sam Cortland*
  • me:*cries*

I get scared too,” he murmured onto her skin. “You want to hear something ridiculous? Whenever I’m scared out of my wits, I tell myself: My name is Sam Cortland…and I will not be afraid. I’ve been doing it for years.
Sam Cortland – The Assassin and the Empire by Sarah J. Maas

If you want to make me cry, this is how to do it.

She didn’t want to go out into a world where he didn’t exist. So she watched the light shift and change, and let the world pass by without her.
The Assassin and the Empire – Sarah J Maas

I get scared, too,” He murmured onto her skin. “You want to hear something ridiculous? Whenever I’m scared out of my wits, I tell myself: My name is Sam Cortland…and I will not be afraid. I’ve been doing it for years.

The Assassins Blade: The Assassin and the Empire by Sarah J Maas

Can I just give a personal fuck you to sjmaas for ripping my heart out and destroying it with this damn series and this damn bit

I technically knew what was going to happen but I am still so emotionally drained after finishing The Assassin’s Blade.

i cant believe sam cortland is over 6ft…lay me down….this is it …this is the end

Something Sweet and Dangerous

The Assassin’s Blade – Review

The Assassin’s Blade are the novellas by Sarah J. Maas that go along with the Throne of Glass series. I really enjoyed reading about Celaena again. I wasn’t expecting Sam and Celaena to hate each other at the start but it sort of makes sense. I don’t have much to say about the first two stories but i have a bit to say about the Assassin and the Desert. I enjoyed reading about her training at the Silent assassin’s keep. I couldn’t believed Ansel had drugged her! I thought she would be this good friend that Celaena could have. Then i was thinking that Ansel had drugged her for a good reason but no it was so she could kill the Silent Master. At the end i wanted Celaena to kill Ansel but deep down Celaena has a good heart whether she wants to admit it or not.

The Assassin and the Underworld was my second favourite novella. I loved to see how Sam and Celaena’s relationship grew and came to be. Although i ship Celaena with everyone and i don’t know why!?

The Assassin and the Empire was hands down my favourtie novella even thought it was so sad. What happened to Sam and what they did was so sad and terrible. It was heartbreaking when she layed down and cuddled Sam’s dead, mutilated body. Arobynn is such a worthless piece of trash, i hope Celaena kills him very slowly and very painfully for what he has done. I was surprised her sentence was to be hung or beheaded first before the king changed it to slavery in Endovier.

Overall Sarah J. Maas is now one of my favourite authors. Her storylines are just so good and thought out so well and the Assassin’s Blade was written just brilliantly.

All I am capable of doing right now is crying over dead characters

Sam Cortland

Why is he dead? Why? Everytime his name is mentioned on the series I just break down crying.
It was very heartbreaking to read The Assassin’s Blade, when Sam is still alive (and us knowing) he’s gonna die soon.

I want to finish The Assassin and the Empire, but I’m a little afraid.

I’m reading The Assassin’s Blade and all I can think about is that I already know how this story ends and OH GOSH IT HURTS SO MUCH BECAUSE


Having just finished The Assassin’s Blade, I know the whole ‘my name is Celaena Sardothien and I will not be afraid’ thing comes from sam, but what if Celaena was also saying it throughout Throne of Glass and Crown of Midnight to remind herself that she was Celaena and not Aelin and she had no(or less) reasons to be afraid of the king.

Tumblr Tell me why….

I’m finally done reading Heir of Fire—the third book in the Throne of Glassseries by Sarah J. Maas. I took me a while, almost a week! But that’s just because I wanted to savor each moment in the story. And I didn’t want it to end immediately. And honestly, I have no words to describe just how beautifully crafted this book was.

I do not even trust myself enough to make a full review because I fear that my words won’t do it justice. All I know is that this book affected and drained me emotionally. It was so easy to get lost inside this world that Ms. Maas created, and I’ve grown too attached to almost every character in the story, be it Manon, Abraxos, Sorscha, Asterin, Aedion, Luca, Emrys, etc. It was so difficult for me to not feel for them.

Celaena Sardothien is one of the strongest and best-written female character I have encountered, and she will be a character I won’t soon forget. Reading this was such a wild ride and I am so much looking forward to the next books in this series. It just keeps getting better with each book.

P.S. Before you guys can even ask me whether I am Team Dorian, Team Chaol or Team Rowan, I’d tell you this: I used to be Team Sam, and he will always be my first choice.. but when I think about it, look at the bigger picture, I am Team Celaena. I think (and this is just my opinion, so don’t hate on me) that it’s better for her to just be THE Queen. I think she’d be able to lead without a king, and all these men in her life would be better off as part of her council, or whatever.

hings that I want from the Throne of Glass series

•Manon, the thirteen, and any other witches joining up with Celaena and the crew in their war against the king
•Them being bad ass bitches together and totally showing up the guys
•Ansel coming back (don’t really know how I want that to end)
•Nox also joining the crew
•Celaena getting a wyvern (cause that sounds bad fucking ass)
•Celaena/Aedion reunion
•Chaol/Celaena reunion
•Rowan/Celaena reunion
•Celaena figuring out a way to free Dorian from the collar
•Yrene Towers coming back (I fucking love her)
•knocking down the tower and Celaena showing off her bad ass
•Arobyns head on a platter
•the Kings head on a platter
•a happy ending (which has a 0% chance of happening which is sad)

Also Sam coming across the void like the Farie queen and encouraging Celaena and giving her a proper goodbye

How I Imagine Aedion and Chaol Would React to Rowan

Aedion: Wha- what do you mean about you taking- taking a blood oath with A-Aelin! *Fuming*

Rowan: Gawds…

Chaol: *Sulking in the corner and muttering to himself * Celeana likes him more than me… Celeana likes him more than me…

Rowan: Will you guys grow the fuck up?

Aedion: That was supposed to be my privilege! My blood oath!


Is it just me or do you think that maybe Arobynn had Sam killed because Celeana needed to know what lose was so she could learn to fight and save her kingdom? And that maybe Arobynn was a secret member of her parent’s court or something like that? Who knows maybe he is Fae too. We really don’t know anything about him, so anything is possible. Right?

Sorscha on Tumblr

Sorscha’s Secret (Heir of Fire Spoilers)

Okay, after reading Heir of Fire I developed a theory.  Maybe everyone else has already discussed this and it just slipped past me, so it might not be original.  But I haven’t yet seen this discussion anywhere, so if you have, please direct me to my people 😉

But I have to know, did anyone else wonder:

Was Sorscha really Yrene Towers from The Assassin’s Blade (The Assassin and the Healer)?  I really feel that there is a strong case for this.

After all, they are:

(1) Both healers

(2) Both from southern Fenharrow

(3) Both ladies are timid, but they have guts

(4) Yrene and Sorscha are both described with “golden-tan skin”

(5) In TAB, it’s said of Yrene that,
“Only her eyes, a bright gold brown, gave her any source of pride.”
And Celana describes her as having “intelligent, stunning eyes.”

In chapter 6 of HoF (p. 43 in my kindle edition), Dorian thinks,
“Well, damn . Weren’t those eyes just stunning,” when he looks at Sorscha.

(7)  Sorscha’s village was burned, and we know that
the soldiers from Adarlan surrounded [Yrene’s] house, armed to the teeth and bearing torches and wood.”  It might have just been the soldiers burning Yrene’s mother at the stake for her magic…or they could have burned the whole village.
The main thing that gave me pause was that Sorscha mentioned that she’d had a crush on Dorian ever since she saw him 6 years ago, which I thought implied that she’d been at the castle for 6 years.  But really, she could have seen him on a royal progress or something.  It’s never actually specified.

As for the name thing, it would have made perfect sense for Sorscha to take on a new name since she was a spy.  What spy uses their real name?

Also, The Assassin and the Healer stands out in The Assassin’s Bladecollection.  Celaena’s helping this young healer is nice, but it notably different from the rest of the novellas, all of which feature characters that we know will come back into play.  Sarah J. Maas has said that we will meet Ansel and Arobynn Hamel again, and Sam may be gone, but his legacy echoes down through the whole series.  The Assassin and the Healer is the only story that does not feature a secondary character that comes back in the later books…unless, of course, it does 😉

So, yeah.  That’s my theory and I’m sticking to it.  If anyone else has an opinion on it, let me know!

Heir of Fire ***SPOILERS***

so theres a rant brewing in me and i need to let it out…

the five parts of Heir of Fire that destroyed my heart:

1) Dorian

“He ripped his cold magic from the air and turned it inward, wrapping it around his heart.”

It killed me to read this because the thing about Dorian is that I never considered him to suffer. He’s the prince and yes he has a horrible father who he has to continuously fake submission to but I never really felt that his feelings suffered for it. But then this line… Dorian has a heart and now I want to protect it at all costs. And the way this book ended totally fucked Dorian over, he is in the worst state and someone needs to get their shit together in order to save him or I will slip into a miserable-feels-induced coma. 

2) The burnout

While Celaena was keeping the fires going at the celebration and she nearly burned herself out- that was intense. I found myself reading that chapter so quickly but so thoroughly, I couldnt afford to skip a word but I also couldnt linger on one word for too long. When it happened it’s when I knew that Celaena and Rowan were meant to be whatever they’re meant to be. I love them so much, I can’t believe how beautifully and painfully their relationship evolved in this book.

“Like the ebb and flow of the tide, the bath froze, then melted, froze, then melted, slower each time. And each time, the cold soaked into her a bit more, numbing her, urging her body to relax.

Ice and fire. Frost and embers. Locked in a battle, pushing and pulling. Beneath it, she could almost taste Rowan’s steel will slamming against her magic- a will that refused to let the fire burn her into nothing.”

And then, obviously I went mad when he finally saw her Endovier scars and his reaction, but really it was when she was burning out and he felt the urgency of her pain and he was literally the only one who could help her that I lost my shit and knew that part would stick with me.

3) The whipping

“‘Please,’ Celaena whispered. There was a crack, and the world fragmented as Rowan bowed when the whip sliced into his back. He gritted his teeth, hissing, but did not cry out.”

This was just one of those moments while reading that I could imagine so vividly that it hurt. I just can’t read it and not think about if this were made into a movie, how awful and ugly I would look while sobbing to this scene.

4) Sorscha’s beheading


Chaol thought he had not heard it, the wind that cleaved through the air just before the guard’s sword did.

One blow from that mighty sword.

That was all it took to sever Sorscha’s head.

The scream that erupted out of Dorian was the worst sound that Chaol had ever heard.”

This was just the most unexpected, brutal, devastating part of this book. Like. JESUS CHRIST. I was in love with Sorscha. She was incredible and silently strong and so important. And she was so good for Dorian. Not anymore *cries*

5) I love you

“Chaol stared at Dorian in mute horror as his friend’s eyes glowed a deep, raging blue, and the prince snarled at the king, ‘Don’t you touch him.’…[Chaol] looked at his friend, perhaps for the last time, and said what he had always known, from the moment they’d met, when he’d understood that the prince was his brother in soul. ‘I love you.’”

I feel like this is something that not many authors would do. It’s a line that’s not really ever crossed. “I love you” is hardly ever said in such a serious and emotional manner between two people that aren’t romantically involved and that aren’t of opposite sex. There’s so much love between Chaol and Dorian and i’m astonished and greatful at how starkly it is expressed.

Throughout the entire book, Chaol had this huge flaw of not choosing sides and not making up his mind and I wasn’t sure if I felt the same about him anymore until he said that to Dorian. Because now I know for sure where he stands and it gives me hope that if he can freely love Dorian and his magic, then he can freely love Celaena even if she’s also Aelin.

end rant.

Diversity in Throne of Glass

I’ve been thinking about this for a while and talking with may12324 gave me the motivation to type up my thoughts.

So here’s a bit of an essay/rant about diversity in Throne of Glass. There are some things this series does really well (which should be acknowledged and celebrated), and other things that I think are problematic, and I believe it’s important to discuss both these things.

Under the cut for more (this contains spoilers for the series so far).

If you’re not in the mood for reading critical discussion about your favourite books then feel free to ignore this post, and maybe come back to it at a time when you’re in the mood for something like this 🙂

I’ve divided this discussion by book (I haven’t discussed the Assassin’s Blade because I don’t remember it in detail, I think I’m due for a re-read). I’ve also included a section on the fandom because this fandom is awesome about diversity I love you guys ❤


  • I’m quite critical in some of the discussion below, but this doesn’t mean I don’t like Throne of Glass. I LOVE THRONE OF GLASS. It is one of my favourite series and I’m so emotionally attached to the characters and it’s so epic and amazing and asldfkasldfasdf I LOVE IT. But I think that when you love something it’s really important to be able to discuss it critically which is what I’ve done here.
  • I have significant white passing and straight passing privilege. The chances are I screwed up somewhere, please call me out if I did 🙂
  • In this discussion I’m not looking to critique things that are problematic within the world of ToG. What I want to discuss are things in ToG that are relevant to diversity within the context of the world we live in and the stories we are surrounded by.

Book 1

  • Good: We meet Nehemia in book 1 and she’s amazing. She’s got her own goals, she’s clever and competent and determined, and she actively deals with racism and rises above it. She’s fighting a rebellion against an empire that enslaves the countries it conquers, and often when books deal with this sort of plot they have it as white people vs. white people, so it’s great seeing a WoC leading the fight against her country’s oppressors as this mirrors the way that PoC have, for hundreds of years, had to fight against colonisation and slavery.
  • Good: Nehemia is aware that there are racist stereotypes about her and instead of allowing herself to be hurt by these stereotypes she uses them and pretends that she can’t speak language of Ardalan and she is a super awesome spy because of this. You go girl!
  • Good: Everyone falls for Nehemia’s act. Not just the villains, but also the heroes. Even Celaena – who respects Nehemia, who knows she’s probably here to spy, who knows she’s intelligent and cunning – never once suspects that Nehemia might speak the language of Ardalan. Celaena – our heroine – made an assumption about Nehemia based on Nehemia’s ethnicity. Celaena was a little bit racist in her assumption (which isn’t Celaena’s fault, Nehemia did a good job tricking everyone) and I think it’s so so very important for books to show how easy it is for good people to be racist when they live in racist societies. This is hands down one of my favourite moments in the series.

Book 2

  • Good Nehemia continues to be awesome. There’s tension between her and Celaena – Celaena doesn’t want to fight, but Nehemia will never give up. The narrative makes it clear that Nehemia is 100% in the right here. Even if you’re scared of dying – even if you’re scared that people you love will die – you can’t stop fighting for your freedom. THIS IS SO IMPORTANT. There’s this trope I hate that often appears in media where PoC are fighting for freedom against white oppressors, where the PoC are told they have to compromise and they can’t kill people because killing is bad. There are certain books I won’t name where the PoC who fight against the white oppressors who have decimated their people are treated as villains for being too ruthless in their rebellion. THIS NEVER happened to Nehemia. The narrative never told Nehemia she was fighting too hard, the narrative never told Nehemia to compromise, the narrative told Nehemia that she was right to rebel. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH.
  • Problematic Nehemia died. The only named PoC in the series died for the purpose of furthering the character development of the white female lead. In fact, Nehemia explicitly chooses to die for this purpose, implying that her life is worth less than Celaena’s. It is deeply problematic for a PoC to decide that they are worth less than a white person, even if within the context of the story it makes perfect sense (since Celaena has Brannon’s mark she’s probably the most important person alive as she’s the world’s best hope against the Valg). Also please note that this is not Nehemia’s fault, as a kind anon pointed out to me, characters ultimately do not control their stories, authors are the ones in charge.
    Now, I get why, from a plot point of view, Nehemia’s death had to happen. I also think from a storytelling point of view it was a great thing to happen, I doubt any character’s death will ever hit me as hard as Nehemia’s death, this was an absolutely amazing bit of storytelling ;____; But when I take a step back and think logically about the implications of Nehemia’s death in the context of the type of stories we most often see in books/movies/etc. it’s definitely problematic (see this wikipedia article for more). Nevertheless, Crown of Midnight ended with Celaena off to meet a whole new continent and a whole new race (the fae). So I was pretty hopefully that we might meet more PoC and get more diversity in the series 🙂

Book 3

  • Good We meet a new WoC she’s such a cutie-patootie and she has secrets and she’s a point of view character. Diversity, yay! Sorscha, yay!
  • Good We meet an older gay couple (or possibly bisexual couple?) and nobody is the slightest bit bothered by this. THIS IS SUCH A BIG DEAL. Usually when gay characters are included in fiction (especially YA fiction) they are young and hot. We see them angst, we see them have problems. We hardly ever see them grow old and happy together. It’s so important for young queer people to see people like them who have grown old and happy with the people they love. THIS IS IMPORTANT. YAY.
  • Problematic Celaena arrives on a new continent and the story introduces us to two new races (the witches and the fae) and as far as I can tell everyone on this continent and in these races is white (if I’m wrong about this please correct me).  (ETA: Apparently the witches are a range of ethnicities which is good! Buuuuut, all the important witches appear to be white and all the PoC witches we’ve seen appear to be really nasty people. I don’t think we’ve met any PoC Crochan witches. As far as I can tell the only PoC witches we’ve seen are unimportant villains, which isn’t particularly good representation)

    It’s also problematic for the fae to only be white (at least, as far as we know). What, so PoC can’t be super-powerful and magical? The world of Throne of Glass is a very white world (even more white than earth from what we’ve seen so far) and while I’m not saying that authors can’t write about white people and base their stories on white folklore/mythology, diversity is very important and I think it’s problematic for people to create new worlds which appear to be whiter than our own.

  • Problematic Remember how I talked about why it was problematic that the only named PoC died leaving an all-white cast? Well, look, it happened again 😦 For this to happen two books in a row is deeply problematic, it creates the impression that the only reason to have PoC in a series is to kill them off for white character development, and that only white characters are strong enough to survive (I’m not saying that this is intentional, I’m sure it’s not. It’s most likely that nothing I’ve discussed so far is intentional. But intentional or not these are things that should be discussed).
    And the frustrating thing about Sorscha’s death is that it didn’t need to leave us with an only white cast. It would have been so easy to introduce more PoC in this book. The only new character who had to be white was Aedion and Rowan already has dark skin – if it was natural instead of a tan then Sorscha’s death wouldn’t have been as problematic because we would have also seen a PoC survive this book. There are still at least three more books in this series so I’m hoping that we might get a to meet an important PoC who, you know, doesn’t die, but right now I’m a bit disappointed 😦


  • Good THIS FANDOM IS GREAT. I have already seen quite a few people point out how awesome Emrys and Malakai are ❤
  • Good The fandom also tends to call out Celaena when she slut shames and victim blames which is great 😀
  • Good I’ve seen lots of racebent edits and art with both Dorian and Chaol as PoC which is super cool 😀
  • Off topic: Let me talk a bit more about the possibility of Chaol as a PoC because actually this makes so much sense. Who remembers Yrene from Assassin and the Healer? When Celaena meets Yrene she picks out Yrene’s ethnicity instantly (I’ve forgotten what this ethnicity is, sorry, I suck, and I’m too lazy to look it up). Since Yrene is dressed in rags and covered in muck this implies that Yrene possibly isn’t white (though as most people don’t notice her ethnicity she’s probably close in appearance to white). Yrene’s appearance is described in very similar language to Chaol’s appearance (golden tan skin, golden brown eyes, brown hair etc.) We also know that Chaol’s dad hates his mum, and most of the nobility don’t think much of Chaol. It’s entirely possible that Chaol’s mum is from the same place as Yrene, and Chaol’s dad married her for political reasons and the hate that both Chaol and his mum get is partially racism? Who knows. This is just speculation on my part..
    ETA: Looking at Sarah’s pinterest page, Yrene does seem to be a WoC! YAY

I think that’s it. Anyway, I want to say again that I LOVE Throne of Glass (I dooooo, so much <3) and I’m sorry for how long this got, thank you for everyone who reads through this, I hope you will think critically about some of the points I brought up. And if I made mistakes, please call me out 🙂

How do you think the healer from The Assassin’s Blade will come back into the tog world?

Tumbrl; Tumbrl , Tumbrl…..i love you! Make me dream!

Crackpot theory: Sam Cortland is alive.

Yes, you read that title correctly.

This idea came to me when I was reading the last few chapters of Crown of Midnight. I kind of just laughed at myself for thinking it, but then the situation dawned on me and the reality of this theory coming true and I stopped smiling and starting having heart palpitations. It’s a bit of a stretch, but then again, what theory isn’t?

In order to avoid being executed for not obeying the King’s demands, Celaena salvaged limbs from a sick house as a guise for those whom she was meant to assassinate. By adorning the severed appendages with jewelry containing a house sigil (given directly to her by said “dead” persons), she was able to deceive the King into believing she had completed her tasks.  On the occasions where she brought back a decapitated head, she made certain the face was mutilated beyond recognition. All this must sound familiar to you after reading Crown of Midnight, but here’s where my theory comes to light:

Arobynn had always known of Sam’s unrequited interest in Celaena. So much so that he used it against Sam when he beat Celaena as a form of punishment for him. But when it became apparent that Celaena was in love with him as he was with her, Arobynn grew skeptical. He didn’t want to lose his heir, regardless of her emotional attachment to Sam. Nor did he want Sam “corrupting” her mind. And when the two of them confronted Arobynn and spoke of their desire to leave the Guild, Arobynn tried in vain to keep his composure but also keep them tethered to his arsenal. Although it is never fully disclosed in The Assassin’s Blade, I bet Arobynn had a major part in Sam’s abrupt death. Just think about it: Sam was mere hours away from taking Arobynn’s protégée across Erilea where he could never find her again. And then there was that scene on the rooftop as he watched the Adarlanian soldiers taking Celaena to Endovier; he had been speaking to Sam’s murderer as though they were acquaintances (which was most likely true).

Knowing that Celaena wouldn’t die at the hands of the King (otherwise, he would have interfered with them taking her to Endovier) he knew she’d come back eventually. If not to rejoin him, then to assassinate him for his apparent part in Sam’s death and her enslavement. [Another thing: does Arobynn know that Celaena is Aelin? He must if he knew of her fae heritage and the fact that it was in Terrasen where he had found her dying with her family’s sacred necklace around her throat like a beacon]. Recognizing the type of power she would wield someday, he wanted to have his dealings in her fate.

That being said, what if, instead of truly killing him, Arobynn had mutilated the body of some random boy beyond reorganization so that when Celaena found him she wouldn’t be able to identify the true person? He could have easily applied cosmetic masks, such as her expensive soap, to the body in order to make the act seem all the more real. If Celaena were able to trick the King, then would it have been so hard for Arobynn to trick her into believing Sam had died? Especially if he wished to use Sam against her when she will eventually return to the Guild. She was so distraught in that moment that she could have easily mistaken the body, or had not been paying attention to small details other than the sounds of her ragged breath and erotic heartbeat. And truly, the moment had happened so quick that there was no investigation to be had. Sure, she laid beside him as the rest of the witnesses left, but does that make a difference if her mind had already begun processing his death and the only means of identification for a body that dismembered was the lingering scent of the soap he had used?

Sam Cortland may still be alive. Imprisoned, undoubtedly, but alive.

And Arobynn is just waiting for the day he can use Sam against Celaena…or Aelin, rather.

So now we know the tittle of ToG4 aka Queen of Shadows I want to write down some thoughts and headcanons I have about it.

  • Imma piece of trash so I’ll start with Chaolaena. I don’t think they will have time to discuss or “fix” their relationship bc first they have to
  1. Save Aedion
  2. Save Dorian
  3. Destroy the weird-ass towers that keep magic(?)
  4. Retrieve the wyrdkeys

And that’s for starters don’t forget the part where they gather a huge army and defeat Adarlan’s King. And by the time all of this gets done I don’t think they will happen. The moment we knew Celaena was Aelin Galathynius all the chances of a romantical relationship with Chaol were gone to never get back. And here is where I want to think of Aedion’s face when he finds out he hold himself of dismembering Chaol for nothing.

  • So now I bring up Aedion what I truly want is that they can rescue him and he standing along with Aelin and helping her get Terrasen back, also I wonder if the identity of his father is a major plot twist or is completely irrelevant. #PleaseAedionDon’tDie2k15
  • I feel the reunion with Arobynn Hamel will either end up with him tortured and murdered or Aelin will spare his life. Surely it won’t be a nice reunion and she will claim the answers about Sam’s death. I think Arobynn has the wyrdkey bc if his plan was to use Celaena against the Havilliards he would need proof that she’s actually Aelin and maybe he doesn’t know about the wyrdkeys but he surely can recognize a royal token and something like that you just cannot sell it.
  • It is a truth universally acknowledged that Ansel will be featured in Queen of Shadows. And that’s all I got I can bet she would do some queen stuff but I don’t dare saying more. Part of me wants to believe she will face Manon (or Crochans) but part of me thinks she will play a significant role in the war against Adarlan. (Also, I want a Chaol/Ansel meet and greet, idk maybe Chaol and Ansel could end up together?)
  • Manon. Mainly I bet she will stand as Ironteeth Queen either at the end of the book or the series (yeah, not only Blackbeak Queen). What truly disturbes me about her is that she doesn’t have an agenda, sure she wants the Witch Kingdom back but only bc is what she has been raised to live for, and there’s a huge difference between what you want and what you’ve been raised to want. She has a long way to go and Abraxos will play a major role in helping her to know who she truly is and what she really wants. And once Manon figures it out nothing will get on her way, nothing.
  • As for Rowan I think we will have a couple of chapters with his POV but he won’t arrive to Erilea until book 5. I’m still not sure what role he will play in the upcoming events but it seems he truly wanted to approach the Ashryvers maybe he will pull some strings in there and of course he will have to keep an eye on Maeve, bc Maeve is immortal, bored and the kind of woman who baths in the blood of her enemies. (Gosh, I want more Maeve)
  • I think we will see the return of Elena and Gavin. I honestly don’t like Elena (she’s the captain of the RMS Dorlaena) and her return will confirm the fact that is not only the King of Adarlan they have to defeat but Eravan himself too. Will this mean Maeve has to stand out and the war fought thousands of years ago wasn’t the final stand and they have to find a way to end Eravan and all he embodies once and forever? (Also this is where I think Manon and the Ironteeth Witches -even the Crochans- will have a major role, not with/against Adarlan’s King but against/with Eravan is where we will see the Witches standing out).
  • Speaking of Havilliards I would like to know what the King of Adarlan is made of. What caused him to retrieve the Wyrdkey and unleash hell upon Erilea. I suspect some sort of Eravan doing blended with the king’s self wickedness. And also if the king helds magic and why the hell he banished magic like it was the plague.
  • Chaol *sighs* -Yeah, I talk about Chaolaena which is completely different of talking about Chaol and Aelin alone-. This dude has put his loyalty in Dorian but has an agreement with the Terrasen rebel’s so he’s on a really awkward position, why? bc the rebel’s want an eye for an eye. Chaol won’t kill his people, yeah he will help retrieving the wyrdkeys, bringing down the towers, saving Aedion and even ripping Endovier down stone by stone, but he-won’t-kill-his-people. Everybody underestimates his intelligence, I think he is very good at politics even more than at military (remember the way he smuggles Celaena to Wendlyn and he figures out how magic disappeared and he doesn’t even have magic) so he not killing his people is he finding out a political -instead of military- way to end all disagreements and dealing with the consequences of Adarlan’s actions. (Also what up with the Eye of Elena)
  • Aelin, she’s not Celaena anymore. She’s Aelin Ashryver Galathynius heir of two mighty bloodlines and she will claim her kingdom back. Now that she’s certain of what she has to do she will get it done asap. The only issue I have with her is that everybody thinks she will either end up with Rowan, Dorian or Aedion, I discard that idea thanks to A hundred years of solitude. She really doesn’t need a man -or get married-. “But she’s a queen a queen needs a king blablabla” Dudes let me remind you of Elizabeth I of England she’s one of the badass queens of history and she ruled a powerful country for nearly fifty years without a dude by her side. Aelin is the character we need to break this stupid “the protagonist needs to end up with a dude” trope. Ya’ll keep talking about Aelin’s badassery but refuse to let her rule by herself. She can do it, she can rattle the stars.
  • Last but not least is Dorian. *cries for five days straight* We know he ends up pretty screwed up at the end of HoF, we also know that the only way to get free of that collar is by beheading so… Part of me thinks Dorian won’t die bc he’s a main character BUT Nehemia and Sam died anyway. I don’t think they can kidnap him while figuring out how to get rid of the collar without killing him, that’s not a real possibility bc as long as he has the collar he is the king’s puppet and he has raw magic which makes him even more dangerous under that condition. That cruel twisted voice inside my head says Dorian will sacrifice himself in the last stand against his father or his sacrifice will be the annihilation of Eravan. And if Dorian dies Hollin will be crowned king which gives me shivers so what if Chaol is crowned king of Adarlan, and this hc came to me after a sleepy rereading of chapter 67 of Heir of Fire.

And that’s it. For now.

P.S. What if Sam Cortland is alive but brainwashed?

Who wants to read some Throne of Glass fan fiction! You know you want to imagine what will happen when Celaena confronts Arobynn about a certain something that was stolen from her, right? Right. Please be kind, this is the first piece I’ve ever written about someone else’s work and I also wrote it in, like, a half an hour. I’M SORRY, SARAH, I TRIED.


Celaena marched into the keep. There weren’t many people in the main hall, though the few that were there stopped what they were doing to stare at a face they hadn’t seen for quite a while. A face that was much different than the one they remembered.

She fought the urge to throw hair she didn’t have over her shoulder in response. She didn’t recognize most of the faces that turned to stare at her with open mouths and wide eyes. New blood for Arobynn, she supposed. Necessary, in his line of work.

She took the familiar route to his office, keeping her feet steady despite the rush of memories that lined the hallway. Memories of bruises and unshed tears. Of anger. Hope. Sam. Memories that still haunted her but no longer slowed her steps. Her heart hurt, a little, but it did not speed up, with fear or anything else. It pounded steadily in her chest, urging her towards the heavy wooden doors of Arobynn’s office.

A figure stepped in front of her.

“Well,” Lysandra rested a delicate hand on the knob, “if it isn’t the prodigal assassin.” She looked as beautiful as ever, dark hair shining and eyes glowing with maliciousness. There was a crease, though, in her forehead, that Celaena did not remember, and a tenseness to her shoulders that had not been there before. Lysandra was a force to be reckoned with but no one could hold out with Arobynn forever.

Celaena met Lysandra’s gaze. Her reactions to this woman had always baffled her a little. Sometimes she was filled with jealousy, sometimes pity, sometimes contempt. Now she felt nothing. Lysandra was a small piece of the puzzle now, a spot on a tapestry of larger problems.

“Move,” she said. Lysandra smiled her coy smile, hand tightening around the door handle.

“I want for nothing,” she said instead, leaning towards Celaena, “He gives me my every desire. My every whim. How does that feel, Celaena Sardothien? That I am the apple of his eye while you are a disgraced killer?”

“Move,” Celaena repeated. Lysandra’s grin slipped ever so slightly.

“He does not want to be disturbed,”

“I don’t quite care what he wants,” Celaena stepped forward.

“He won’t want to see you,”

“And yet we all must do things we don’t want to do,” She gripped Lysandra’s wrist and twisted, causing the courtesan to hiss with pain. Shoving the other girl aside, Celaena opened the door to Arobynn’s study.

He sat behind his desk, leaning into the back of his padded chair with his folded hands resting on his stomach. He eyes were focused on the door and she knew that he had heard the entire conversation. She heard the heavy wooden door open and shut behind her as she approached his desk. Lysandra walked to stand beside her master, rubbing her bruised wrist.

“Celaena Sardothien,” Arobynn drew out her name, testing and tasting a name that meant so much then and so little now. She did not correct him. Not yet. “Did you enjoy your visit to Wendlyn?” His eyes twinkled as his head tilted ever so slightly. So he knew that she had visited the land of her kin. Of course he knew. Nothing went by the King of Assassins.

“I actually found it quite trying,” She replied, tilting her head in response.

“And what brings you back to the keep?”

“You have something that belongs to me. I want it back.”

“My dear, I have acquired many things that once belonged to others. You’ll need to remind me what you’re looking for, exactly.” His fingers tensed and relaxed, as if strumming a song or playing the piano.

“You know what I am talking about,” Celaena ground her teeth. It was impossible for her to keep a level head with this man, to control her temper. Even her training with Rowan hadn’t tempered her enough to keep mind around Arobynn Hamel.

“I’m sorry but you really must be more specific,” He leaned forward and put his elbows on the desk, resting his chin on his folded fingers. She forced her hands to stay still at her sides instead of curling into fists.

“The amulet,” She took a deep breath, “My amulet. The amulet of Orynth.”

“The Amulet of Orynth?” Lysandra did a lady-like snort, “How would he have gotten that?” Arobynn continued to study Celaena.

“Off the neck of a young princess he found almost drowned in a river.” Celaena said quietly, meeting her old mentor’s gaze. Neither of them moved for a moment, while Lysandra nervously continued to touch her wrist, coaled eyes darting between the two.

“I have come to reclaim what is mine. And that includes the amulet you stole.”

“Mm, the long-lost queen comes to reclaim the fallen kingdom? How heroic.” Arobynn snorted but his eyes lacked the humor of his voice.

“Give it to me.”

“What makes you think I have it?”

“I know you have it,” Celaena leaned forward, resting her hands on the edge of Arobynn’s massive wooden desk. If she were in a land with magic, she would have shifted, would have focused her Fae eyes on his and summoned her flame. But for now, she would have to stay mortal, stay human, and just show him that she was no longer afraid. At least, not of him. “Give. It. To. Me.”

Arobynn stayed still. Then he smiled and leaned back into his chair. Celaena refused to show him her frustration. She removed her hands from his desk, relaxed her face and swept her gaze around the room, studying his material treasures and the one currently running a hand through is hair like a lover.

“I wonder, Arobynn,” she began, running a finger across one of his prized statues, “I wonder how much you know. I wonder if you have chosen to align yourself with the king and if you  have, if you know what he’s done. What he plans to do.” She glanced back at him out of the corner of her eyes, studied him and he studied her. “I wonder if you’ve chosen a side. Or if you already have and don’t even know it.” She turned back to her old mentor, her old teacher. She had no doubt that he knew more than he would ever tell. But how much he knew of the king’s plans…that was a different story.

“This is your plan then,” he quipped, “to return the avenging queen? To rebuild your once glorious kingdom and take revenge upon the King of Adarlan?” He snorted, “You are a fool, Celaena.”

“There are two sides in this, Arobynn, and I very much doubt that either will be willing to show you mercy when all this is done.” His fox eyes darted towards me, his smirk slowly disappearing. “You do not need to choose my side, of course, but I do demand that you return what is rightfully mine.”

“And if I don’t?” Celaena was suddenly in front of his desk, face inches from his, knuckles white as she gripped the table. Lysandra’s deft fingers froze in Arobynn’s hair and his face paled the slightest. There was no magic in Adarlan, they were sure, but for a moment they believed that Celaena had just used it.

“Then I swear to the gods,” her voice dropped to a murmur, almost a prayer, “when the towers fall and magic returns to this god’s forsaken land, you will be the first to burn.”

This time, Arobynn was the first to look away. He studied his hands for a moment and Celaena could see the scars and calluses, could remember and imagine all the blood that had been spilt on them, all the pain inflicted by them. Watched then as they reached up and grasped a chain that lay around his neck and under his shirt.

Arobynn pulled the Amulet of Orynth over his head, meeting Celaena’s gaze as he held it out for her waiting palm. She placed the amulet around her neck, the weight familiar despite the years. Lysandra stood still as a statue at her master’s side, no doubt wondering what exchange had just happened but more than ready to learn. Celaena turned and began to walk towards the exit.

“You are a queen without a kingdom, Celaena,” he said, his whole body tense despite his mocking tone.

“Not for long,” she replied as she strode towards the door and threw it open. She turned to look at him over her shoulder, a smile, rather unbelievably even to her, playing on her lips. “And my name is Aelin.” She saw Lysandra’s face pale and Arobynn’s eyes widen in the slightest and then she walked out, away, not looking back, as if with every step she could burn everything – and everyone – in this place to the ground.

Not at all painful parallels
  • Celaena:has to endure Sam dying
  • Dorian:has to endure Sorscha dying
  • Celaena:was abused by Arobynn
  • Dorian:is abused by his father
  • Celaena:has to endure her best friend dying
  • Dorian:has to endure his best friend hating a big part of him
  • Celaena:had to lie about her heritage
  • Dorian:is probably being lied to about his heritage
  • Celaena:had to hide her powers from everyone
  • Dorian:had to hide his powers from everyone
  • Celaena:was trained to be a ruthless killer by her father figure
  • Dorian:was turned into a demon by his fathe
  • Celaena:So, code names. I’m “Eagle One”.
  • Celaena:Sam is “Been There, Done That”.
  • Celaena:Chaol is “Currently Doing That”.
  • Celaena:Dorian, “It Happened One In a Dream”.
  • Celaena:Nehemia is “If I Had to Pick a Chick”.
  • Celaena:Rowan, “Eagle Two”.
  • Rowan:Thank the gods.

Sam Cortland ‘s post

the-secret-life-of-mee asked:

Would you rather meet any celebrity that you want or meet any fictional character you want

Heir of Fire
Title: Heir of Fire (Throne of Glass #3)
User: Ilrelonewikia
Author: Sarah J Maas
Chapter: 69
Linguage: Englesh
Status: Complete
Main Ch: Celaena Sardothien/Aelin, Chaol WestFall, Dorian Harviliard, Sorscha, Rowan Whitethorn, Manon Blackbeak, King of Ardalarn,Queen Meave.
Nominated: Sam Cortland, Princess Nemiah, Arobynn Hammel, Celaena’s parents, Lady Marion.
Aviabile on: Wattpad

ilreleone 😉