Does anyone else ever just think about Arobynn Hamel and what he did and just go into a blind rage and everything turns red and you suddenly completely understand the fury that lets Celaena peel people’s skin off without feeling any guilt or is that just me?

Please guys can we stop fancasting Sorscha as a white girl,
I’m sure Sorscha is canonically a PoC, though I can’t tell you of which ethnicity, because she is described as having golden skin and looks as though she has ancestors from Eyllwe.
Unlike Nehemia, who everyone has been good with and not used any white actresses to fancast, I’ve been recently seeing white Sorscha’s.

Why couldn’t SJ Maas just be explicit in the ethnicity/race of her characters?? Why couldn’t all authors be straightforward about their characters, and not describe ambiguously, letting us know the character is not white, but giving us no indication of what they are exactly??

tog headcanons. go.

throneofglasss answered:


•little chaol having freckles and hating them, but little celaena secretly thinking    that they were cute

•celaena burning a chocolate cake she tried to make but still eating all of it just to make a point to sam who was laughing the entire time she was baking and telling her that she was going to burn it

•sam and celaena would start snuggling but then they would start wrestling but somehow would always end up snuggling each other and telling the other how they would beat them next time they fought

•dorian getting super hyped up on caffeine and talking sorcha’s ear off until she would kiss his lips to get him to stop blabbering about the book he just finished

•rowan and celaena telling each other their funniest memories, so that they dont dwell on their bad memories

•celaena curling up her parent’s big bed and listening to her father tell stories of years past

•dorian staying up late in the palace greenhouse just to watch a butterfly emerge from it’s chrysalis

these almost made me start crying as i wrote them



A Court Of Thorns and Roses by sjmaas releases on May 5th. Make sure you’ve pre-ordered it. Check the UK & US tour datesHERE.

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See ISSUE #1 here (btw, this isn’t really weekly, haha)


aesthetics: sam cortland

“I love you. And from today onward, I want to never be separated from you. Where you go, I go. Even if that means going to Hell itself, wherever you are, that’s where I want to be. Forever.” 

  • Dorian giving Aelin a huge bag of candy on her birthday every year and Rowan being astounded at how much candy she can eat
  • Dorian trying to cook and not being good at it
  • AELIN trying to cook and accidentally burning the food
  • Rowan just doing all the cooking so everyone can actually eat
  • Rowan awkwardly walking in when Doraelin is getting steamy
  • Rowan scooping up Fleetfoot and taking her for a walk when Doraelin wants some alone time
  • Aelin getting annoyed when she can’t participate in Dorian/Rowan snowball fights so she just melts their snow
  • The three of them being in the outside cold and Aelin not sharing her warmth with the boys because they don’t let her have snowball fights with them
  • Rowan babysitting Doraelin’s kids
  • Rowan acting like an overprotective brother when Dorian tries to kiss Aelin (I almost typed when Dorian tries to KILL Aelin… oops)
  • Dorian and Aelin setting Rowan up with dates and waiting up until he gets home so they can ask him how it went
  • Dorian and Rowan being BFFs and Aelin being jealous when they bro-bonding because she’s used to having them both to herself
  • I need an entire book of Dorian-Aelin-Rowan living together

lol Chaol thinks Celaena is a virgin how cute of him


The world is not in your books and maps. It’s out there.

If only we can see these places…


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