The best Throne of Glass with Sam.

Shatterd Barriers and shatterd hearths

By: horsegirl275

Set between Celaena Sardothien and Sam Cortland, about how he won her heart. Completely different from the novellas. She walks in shadows. Shadows are her comfort. The dark is her friend. Her only friend. And she had never wanted that to change. So she put up barriers to protect herself. But then he came along, and shattered them all.

The Assassin and the Glass Palace

By: StabiloHB

A story set before The Assassin and the Pirate Lord. Celaena is hired to kill and frame a courtier named Lithaen, but there’s more to Lithaen and the people around her than Celaena first assumes. With various Throne of Glass characters.
The First Date

By: c-westfal

The first Sam and Celaena’s date
Celaena and Sam

By: Slytigress

Celaena is an assassin, that is, an assassin with a lover. She knows her heart is destined for Sam, and Sam’s destined for hers, but will Arobynn permit this? Or will his jealous heart strike fury on the couple? RH Please…
Hold On

By: fiath

What if Sam never died? Sam Courtland has been held prisoner in the dungeons of the Assassins Guild for over a year but one day when there has been reported sightings of Celaena, he escapes and sneaks into the competition to become the King’s Champion to see Celaena. Though, with Abroynn and all the assassins after him, will he survive?
Queen of the Underworld

By: Aelin Ashryver Galathynius

The five novellas really bothered me, because they didn’t tell much of what happened before The Assassin and the Pirate Lord, so this is about Celaena’s life leading up to the first novella. {I’ll do my best to update, but sometimes I get far too busy… e.e}
Broken Chords
By: Grace157

Her world was no longer silent, but filled with song. She hummed as she threw daggers, tapped out rhythms on the pommel of her sword. But for Celaena, happiness never lasted for long. (Runner up for the Heir of Fire Writing Competition 2014)
I’ll kill you if you get too close

By: hazelnight

Celaena was realizing what it was like to be this close to a boy. An attractive boy. A boy that smelled amazing , a mix of sweat and sun and dust and something uniquely Sam. She inhaled that smell as he pinned her down playfully. Her eyes flickered to his lips. They looked so soft, so – “Sam, are you going to move, or am I going to have to shove you off?”

Throne of Glass (fan fiction):Sam returns

1 Part Story 118 Reads 6 Votes
aspiringwriter09By aspiringwriter09Updated 18 days ago
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Celaena Sardothien goes back to Rifthold to retrieve the first Wyrdkey from her former leader, Arobynn Hamel. When she is there she remembers old memories, good and bad. But these memories came back to haunt her, and she doesn't  know if she can handle it. She even gets more confused  when she sees her former lover, Sam Cortland. Whom she thought was dead.

The Ardalarn’s Assassins

7 Part Story 78 Reads 0 Votes
IlreleonewikiBy IlreleonewikiUpdated 17 hours ago
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part One
The Assassin and the castle of glass
Rifthold, Erilea.
;Celaena Sardothien is finally. back from her disastrous summer in the desert Red, but not all scars were healed.Can not trust most of those who first believed his family and decides to get close to the only person he never imagined.Arrimi from becoming enemies much more.But when he believes that the waters had calmed the King of Ardalarn, a masochistic power-hungry from a dance in his castle of Crystal. He knows that the rebels are coming closer and wants them out of the way and hires two of them to kill them.

Chaol Westfall Captain Guardsman is taut as a violin string. The dance has begun and to make matters worse must protect the only person he would not want to hear the name. But when you think it can not get any worse three ministers arrived from Ellewye are murdered before his eyes.

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