The best ToG tumbrl post: Sam Cortland Theory

  1. Day Twelve – A character you wish hadn’t died

Obviously so far the only main character deaths are Sam and Nehemia. I cannot pick between them as to which one’s death I had wished for the least, because a) I love them both so so much and b) their deaths were both very important to the plot. Without Sam’s death, ToG wouldn’t have happened at all. Without Nehemia’s, the second half of CoM and then probably the entire rest of the series wouldn’t have happened.

So I’m gonna go in terms of plot here because emotionally I love them both too much to pick between them. I’ll say Sam, because, honestly, I can’t think of another way to set Celaena into motion in CoM. I’m sure there could have been other ways, but I think Nehemia’s death was definitely probably the most effective way. Sam’s death, however, wouldn’t have been completely necessary, as Celaena could easily just have been caught and taken to Endovier. Well maybe not easily but you get what I mean; it would be easier to capture Celaena and take her to Endovier than find a way to get her to take action in CoM.

That’s just my opinion, so please, no hate, cuz I really wish Nehemia’s death hadn’t been necessary, too.

  1. Samlaena and Chaoloena                                                                                                                              “I love you,” he repeated, shaking her again. “I have for years. And he hurtyou and made me watch because he’s always known how I felt, too. But if I asked you to pick, you’d choose Arobynn, and I. Can’t. Take. It.”

The only sounds were their breathing, an uneven beat against the rushing of the sewer river.

“You’re a damned idiot,” she breathed, grabbing the front of his tunic. “You’re a moron and an ass and a damned idiot.” He looked like she had hit him. But she went on, and grasped both sides of his face, “Because I’d pickyou.”

– The Assassin and the Underworld

“When you do, I want you to remember that it wouldn’t have made any difference to me. It’s never made any difference to me when it came to you.I’d still pick you. I’ll always pick you.”

“Please—please, just tell me what that means.”

But there was no time, so she shook her head and stepped back.

Chaol took one step toward her, though. One step, then he said, “I love you.”

– Crown of Midnight

  1. I’m starting to think that the creature in the catacombs under the library in Crown of Midnight was Sam

    I’m starting to think that the creature in the catacombs under the library in Crown of Midnight was Sam, because of these two quotes: “It had not forgotten, even in the twisted pathways of its memory, what had been done to it on that stone table.” (Throne of Glass Series: Book 2: Crown of Midnight: page 336, written bysjmaas) “”Who were you?” she whispered, recalling the human heart and manlike body of the creature under the library. “And what did he do to you?” But Celaena had a feeling she already knew the answer. Because that was the other thing the Wyrdkeys could do, the other power the Wyrdmarks controlled: life.” (Throne of Glass Series: Book 2: Crown of Midnight: page 350, written bysjmaas) If you remember, Sam was tortured before he was killed. And we never found out what happened to his body.

    1 What if…

    Okay, so Chaol feels really left out now that both Dorian and Celaena possess magic, and when he is walking through the library (it reminds him of Celaena) he discovers a secret passage that leads to a bunch of books about magic.
    He pulls one out and tries to perform a spell, seeing if he too can perform magic, but in fact the spell really brings back the dead and Chaol looks up from the book to find a brown haired boy leaning against the doorway.
    Before Chaol can ask him where he came from, the brown haired boy looked him in the eyes and asked “Where’s Celaena??”



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